Forex Trend Hunter

Forex Trend Hunter EA Review – Profitable FX Expert Advisor For Metatrader 4 Forex Trend Hunter EA is an entirely automated trading system for the Metatrader 4 (MT4) platform. It is developed especially for the needs of ordinary traders, yet also used successfully by many professional traders.

This is a one-time payment.

How to install Expert Advisors into Metatrader 4

The Forex Hunter EA is a new generation grid forex robot that works using the principle “buy cheap, sell high”. This is achieved by opening positions using signals of built-in indicators and, in most cases, this allows the Forex Trend Hunter EA to .

We offer 60 days money back guarantee. You can ask for refund within 60 days after the purchase date. If you are not satisfied with robot's performance we will return your money. We provide customer support. But we believe you will not have any problems because Forex Trend Hunter is easy to use and configure. This is the goal of Forex Trend Hunter. It trades for you no need to be always in front of your computer to check its work.

Just spent a few minutes per day to check your profit. This depends to the current market conditions. It is possible to have a few trades per day, but at the same time it is possible to have none.

Yes we offer a demo version. Everyone can test all of our forex robots for unlimited time completely free. We recommend stable internet connection because it is really important.

The EA should be always connected to the broker. The computer hardware must work without interruptions 24 hours a day from the market opening on Monday to the market closing on Friday. Home Forex Trend Hunter. It is improved and optimized for the latest market conditions.

It supports now 5 currency pairs: The new version of Forex Trend Hunter shows better results. Forex Trend Hunter Live Performance. Forex Trend Hunter Features. No manual interventions required! Money Management Integrated advanced account and money management system. Recovery System Build in advanced loss recovery system. Easy to use Extremely easy to use, understand and setup. Broker Protection Protects you against unfair brokers and their techniques of deception. Fully Customizable Can be customized and adapted to individual needs.

Lifetime Support Lifetime support and free updates for all Expert Advisors. High Profits You have the opportunity of making profits of over pips per single transaction. A volume of the current Order is calculated from the base lot by applying the lot multiplier specified in the settings for this level.

Typically Forex Hunter EA trades only in one direction. However, sometimes there may be situations when a trade is conducted in both directions. The Forex Hunter EA has several options for risk management that gives you an opportunity to protect your account and to regulate trading risks according to your personal style and preferences.

Firstly, the developer does not recommend using Forex Hunter EA without setting a limit of maximum drawdown. Also Forex Hunter EA calculates the remaining amount of available funds before opening a new order in the basket.

The unique control indicator that comes with Forex Hunter EA provides additional options for risk management which is especially important for multi-currency trading. As you can see from reading this review, Forex Hunter EA is very flexible and fully customizable.

If this seems too overwhelming for you then do not worry — it can be used as it plug and play. The Forex Hunter EA website has some very impressive back tests showing excellent results across multiple currency pairs. We can determine that these Forex Hunter EA back testing results are very accurate due to the testing conditions used and due to the fact that the real results are very similar statistically.

To see the latest live verified trading account performance of all forex robots please visit my best forex robots results page. Overall, the Forex Hunter EA is a very good forex robot provided you understand clearly what a grid system is and how it works. Provided you use it correctly there is great potential to make some significant gains on your trading account, completely hands free!

It comes with great support, lifetime updates and a money back guarantee. It also includes detailed instructions for a quick and easy setup whatever level of forex trader you are. The more advanced traders may wish to optimize the Forex Hunter EA in the MetaTrader 4 strategy tester to experiment with other settings, currency pairs and timeframes. Other than that, it is ready to use straight out of the box with the default settings.