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Aug 30, at 9: Which if I grossed up will be close to B per month, water was B As well as many English and International schools, if I remember right about your profession And, 2 you want to be within a km of the Skytrain.

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S, BookMyForex is a one-stop shop for all your forex needs. A small family can live well on baht a month. That is my experience. Lived here for 11 years. Jan 23, at 7: Jan 22, at 6: Jan 24, at 5: Jan 16, at 3: In Bangkok, the best private schools start at around , Baht per term, going down to 50k per term, depending.

Best is an ambiguous term here though. Much of it is based on reputation of name, not necessarily quality of facilities and teachers. So you have to investigate. Chiang Mai has some good schools, and far cheaper than Bangkok. Jan 16, at 9: Good schools outside of Bangkok, chanthaburi for example will cost between and baht per term.

These would be Thai schools not specifically for foreigners. In many cases you can add another baht a month for transportation costs either with a school bus or your own car. As i understand it there are two Semesters in the yearly curricula. Nakhon Si Thammarat, south, km north of Malaysia. Mar 13, at 7: Jan 16, at 4: To stay in Thailand you need an Ed visa B category. There are details on this page Accommodation and travel costs really depend on your expectations. Jan 11, at 5: I am retired military, and make around Would this be enough to live really well, meaning a nice condo in a nice neighborhood, eating good, decent social life, things like that?

Jan 05, at You could live a nice life here for that. You can get an idea of what that will cost here: You can save the rest. Jan 06, at 6: Are you thick jake.. Jan 15, at Jan 19, at 9: We are a couple with two children, one of 10 and another of 4 years and we are going to Thailand to spend 30 days.

We would like to know if with THB just for food, drink and transportation we managed to get through this period. Transport would be taxis and boats to the beaches as we will stay in Krabi, Railay, Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Anyway, this value is only for fun since travel and lodging are paid for. Dec 02, at 1: Since travel and accommodation are paid for, I think this will be enough.

It works out at Baht per day each. I think this will work out though. Dec 03, at 4: One question……can US citizens still receive their Social Security Disability while living in a foreign country? Dec 01, at Dec 01, at 1: They will give lower prices tto them than Americans. That is how they get best deals. They are going to be helping me set up an export business. Nov 30, at 5: You mean bartering over goods to buy?

This is generally only done at markets, usually night markets, street markets and those you often find on the first floor of shopping malls. Nov 30, at 3: I am from India and I got a job in Bangkok. They are ready to offer 32K Baht per month with accommodation and food.

I am single, will money be ok for me to live a decent life and save some if possible? Nov 23, at 1: It depends on what your expectation for standard of living are like. So you could save 15k I reckon. Nov 26, at However it is a commission only position. Does anyone on this forum have experience in this area. I believe I can make , to 1,, baht a year but does anyone have experience in this area.

Also would I be able to survive with a rent of 10, baht a month for 6 months and a partner Would the B, be enough for 6 months? Nov 20, at 7: Nov 21, at 4: BUT Its all up to you and how yoou live in the end,, For the newbies it cost more and over time you understand you pissed away money you did not have too in the end…. Have a nice house,,, eat well.. Fish,,, Read,, enjoy time with Local friends and expat friends…. Sep 25, at 4: Jimbo From what i hear you saying living on an island ,say Samui you can make it on 30, baht Great as I will be receiving 65, per month.

How can you live from When you count all together, medical OPD per person min House electric water internet TV Car tax , one time in the week for dinner and a beer , then the visa Visa runs joke, forget it. You come to Thailand the first time take a rough Unless you want to stay at home all the time. Then better stay inyour own country, and visit Thailand for 2 months or more per year. If you come to. Sep 02, at My partner sends 6thousand bhatt few months to a child says that he is the father without any DNA test done.

Sep 11, at Willy, I completely agree. I have been working here for almost a year as a plant manager, making I live in Samut Prakarn Ikea area, so not down town and I have to say that housing, food, transportation cost I have to drive a car to get to work. But I have to drive 20 km since there are no nice areas to live close to my work are almost as high as Europe if you consider quality and service of what you get into the equation.

If you like to live at the same level you were use to then you will be spending nearly the same money as at home.

With everything in life, weigh the pros and cons and once you make a decision focus on the pros and enjoy. Nov 29, at Hi there I am planing to visit Chiang Mai Thailand soon which I would like to know if my budget fits.

Just wanted to know if this is gonna work out or not? Aug 28, at 7: This is mani here and am looking for a job in thailand. Am here living with parents and my salary is Inr after all the deduction and tax. Aug 22, at 2: Absolutely nothing to do. I have two young daughters and I would love to move over to another place.

Sorry for the difficult question…. Aug 19, at 9: I think Chiang Mai is a great option, and would probably be my choice. Accommodation is cheap if you rent.

Hua Hin is nice, but boring. Aug 21, at 4: Aug 21, at Compare to other Asian countries I still find Thailand cost of living affordable and acceptable. Food is cheaper as well as renting a condo and apartment. I have a bunch of foreign friends who like here in Bangkok because they enjoy a very comfortable life. Aug 11, at 4: HI All, nice and informative site. Am I asking for trouble that time of year? Aug 11, at 7: Phuket has some lovely areas. I have been to Kata, Karon and Kamala.

Kamala might be a tad quiet at night for you. I think you will enjoy Kata. It has good dining, a nice beach, some nightlife and generally a good vibe about the area. Patong might be a bit overbearing.

Aug 11, at 3: Thanks so much for your reply. I apologize for not doing my weather homework before writing the post. The rain will be tailing off then. Wondering if u still plan to travel to Thialand and if u might want a travel buddy. I am 34yo F lives on the west coast Canada. I want to travel to Thialand but am a little hesitant to go and on my own. I hope to hear back from u either way… ok thanks for reading.

Oct 12, at I live in Chiang Mai with my wife have been here for six years now. It is a very accomadating place for all types of travellers, to turn up alone and get to your accommadation is an easy task as the taxi price is set for you and tbe operators speak english.

Price is very reasonable and it is really a safe and freindly atmosphere in CM. Alone with freinds same same. Oct 13, at Been together for 5 years. Thinking about retiring in a year or 2. Current have k in k and savings account and about k in house equity when I sale. Will get Social Security at 62 of per month. Thanks for any thoughts or comments. My plan is to live in Hua Hin not sure of cost of living there, but when I visited I really liked the place. Thai wife plans to work for another 5 or 10 years just to have something to do.

Aug 04, at 9: Rent is still pretty cheap in Hua Hin. Keep you savings in a high interest account and live off your social security as best you can, while occasionally dipping into your savings when need be. Aug 07, at 2: Thanks for the reply. My thought was to rent not buy. Social security of per month would come in at Aug 08, at 7: Nov 20, at I came to live here when I was I live on about U.

I have lived in most cites in Thailand. From the deep south to the extreme north, and in between. I do not have an apartment or a house here. I live in hotels only. When I came over I had some savings. I re-invest the dividends. Today I have 55K U. I personally never see my self spending it. In the north of Thailand I had trouble spending K Baht a month. On average I spend most of my retirement check now. Was in the south and cut my leg pretty bad with a machete clearing some brush.

Total doctor bill was Baht. Got food poisoning and had to spend the night in the hospital a few months ago and spent Baht. Could of had a private room for about Baht more. The key is to shop around.

I always stay at pretty nice digs. If you have the time and shop the area, you can usually pay about Baht a night. I like the street food and usually indulge in a good meal every day. Again shopping around a good meal costs me about Baht. I bought a cheap pickup and that is a big expense.

But maintenance is dirt cheap to say the least. Quality of life here is acceptable if you have a hobby other than drinking and women. I personally do not drink or run the women. If you are a single male. There are good women here.

It took me a few years to find the right one, but they are here. With a mediocre to poor quality of life. Bangkok is a tough place for me to hang my hat. Pollution, traffic, is awful.

If you are working there then it is another story. Honestly if you are working age then I would never come to Thailand, unless forced to! Presently I keep a home in America and give it away free to an old girlfriend of mine, she pays the taxes. Bottom line is have the funds to take care of yourself, medical care is dirt cheap unless you go to the private hospitals. If really sick go back home! After 7 years in Thailand, Cambodia, some Vietnam roaming around. I am in Malaysia now, Penang.

A bit more expensive, but not much. Diesel is dirt cheap. If you enjoy eating like I do. Asia is a culinary delight. Great great local dishes to try, and most are delicious. If retired, boredom is the killer here. Make sure you come here for a year or so to make sure you can handle it. Jul 26, at 5: Great photos by the way! Jul 27, at 3: Sep 21, at But the idea of renting her on a monthly basis seems a bit odd and demeaning to me.

Could use some advice on this subject. Could use a few recommendations on cities where a farang is welcome with minimal hassles. I found treat the locals with respect, have fewer problems. Sep 22, at 8: Is it a good salary for me, my wife and my 2 years old daughter?

Jul 18, at Really fast response awesome! How much money do you think I can save if we cook our meals everyday? Cooking at home saves a lot of money, especially if you shop smart and learn which supermarkets have the best deals on which products. You can buy fruit and veg locally from markets too, depending on where you live. You might do this 3 times a week; so you could save USD maybe. Perhaps just eat out once on the weekend as a treat.

The price of food in Thailand really does depend on your diet; what you like to eat and the standard of food you are used to.

Some people eat for Baht a day, others need 1, Baht to get their fill. Jul 19, at 2: Thank you very much. I will use your input to review the offer that I got. Hi I have an offer of USD gross salary to live in Bangkok with company family accomedation with medical insurance and transportation. Is it a good salary for me,we are three members my wife and my 1 years old son. Aug 23, at 9: Aug 24, at 2: Hi i plan to relocate to the buriram area of thailand after being made rudundant,can you tell me approximately how much i would need to live on a month,i plan to spend about 8, baht a month on rent,also can you tell me if i can live in thailand on a tourist visa which i can renew every 3 months?

Jul 10, at 1: You could probably live on 30k a month there; many teachers do. But personally I think k a month would provide a far more attractive standard of living, allowing for eating better, possibly renting a car, and some travel. The best tourist visa you can get is a multiple entry 6-month tourist visa that requires you to leave the country every 60 days. Jul 10, at 2: Hi, my wife and I will be moving out in the summer to Bangkok and will have around 85,THB a month to live on between us.

In your opinion could we have a good standard of live on this? Our apartment, gym and medical costs are all taken care of and are part of our package so the 85,THB would be for food, entertainment etc. Jul 07, at 9: Jul 09, at 3: Thanks for the info. Other than that, we will just lead a normal life of meals in the week and saving for our travels whenever we get free time.

Jul 09, at 4: I would like to say great blog! I have saved up 8k Canadian and am looking for the cheapest available way as I am not sure how long I want to spend there. Jul 04, at 2: On this amount you could do some traveling to neighboring countries like Laos and Cambodia too. Aim for accommodation for around Baht per night. Spend 1, Baht on food per day, and 1, on trips on socialising. People do travelling on a lot less than this too! Jul 09, at 2: I have got a job offer on Bangkok for USD before taxes.

We are a family of 2 adults and 3 children in school age all of them. We live an average life and I wonder if this will be sufficient? Jun 22, at 6: It should be enough, but really depends on what area you live in, your living expectations and what school you send the children to. The top private school fees are very expensive in Bangkok. Private school fees range from kk a term 3 terms a year depending on what school you choose. Then factor in medical insurance, life insurance, food, socialising, holidays, etc.

Jun 23, at I live in Pattaya for three years straight, but overall about 6 years now. You can rent a floor in a three story shop house for 6 thousand bhat, less than hundred dollars now and there are lots available. You can eat a healthy Thai dinner for about 2 dollars.

Coffee shops charge about 1. You can buy meat at the marketplace per kilo alot less and have your girl friend cook. You can find a nice girl for about 10, bhat a month she has bills to pay too and hang out forever. Or go to the beach. Or start a family. If you move up country you can teach school or write, or program or photography etc. All told, you can make it on less than 12, a year here and almost be middle class. Bangkok is a different story but who needs it unless you are culturally active or student or something.

Jun 20, at 1: At the moment my partner and I are planning to retire to Thailand end of July. Look forward to hearing from you.

Jun 21, at 2: What a great source of up-to-date information. Can you give me of the best and I realize best does not always equal most expensive international schools in Bangkok? International School is one of the biggest expenses. Based on where the children go to school, that would dictate where we would want to live I imagine to be close to school , would you agree?

We would want to be live near other families so our children can have friends to play with easily after school and on weekends. Our children are in 5 and 7th grade. What are the names of these areas so I can tell the rental agents that is where I am wanting to look?

Jun 06, at 7: In fact, the schools are plastered all around the city, with many quite far out of the centre. They have 2 and 3 bedroom houses for rent opposite the school too. I was shown around at the start of term and the price was 40 or 50k per month, if I remember correctly.

You can read more about the school here: That said, many schools operate mini-buses for the children, so you may not have to be concerned about transport.

If you want to be near other parents in the same situation, e. Bear in mind the aforementioned are expensive schools in the upper price range. There are plenty of other mid-priced options.

Jun 07, at Can you help me to find out how much tax would get deducted? Also, we are 2 people to be there, so how much I can save? I do prefer middle-class life standard.

Jun 04, at Hi, Im interested in taking a sabbatical year in Thailand, Im planning on basing in Bangkok most probably the Ekkami area. Im planning on using my time there to refine my forex trading, improve my golf game, take up muay thai and meeting some of the lovely locals. A couple of questions — 1. Are yearly memberships available from golf clubs, if not whats the cheapest way to play in Bangkok regularly?

Jun 02, at 8: Some thought I was mad, especially since I had a great job that I quit without a second thought, and no real plan. But it was by far the best decision I ever made and a necessary one at that. Also check out Hua Hin. There is a driving range believe it or not in the general Ekkamai area? No clue as to costs. Good area for condos.

On Nut has an abundance of things that a farang would want or need. Mar 13, at 8: May 30, at There are plenty of international school options. May 31, at I was in Bangkok 2 weeks ago to open a bank account as a requirement would be to park BahtK in a bank account for at least 2 months before I can even apply for the retirement visa.

Prefer Onnut to Bearing Baht 10,? I like to cook Baht per month? I will attend a school for the first year. I went to check Duke Language School, and got a trial lesson. Will cost me BahtK per annum. Baht per month? Do they still have this? Checkout WE Fitness at Ekkamai. Current promotion was Baht per 12months plus 3 months Free. Average Baht per month. I also love foot massage. I do not drink alcohol or sup-bu-rii. You could find a modern studio in that area for 10k, no problem.

A friend of mine just rented one for 7. Okay, so you know the price already. Not sure on Rabbit — I use Carrot rewards. Good gym, good price. Throw in 3 movies, comes under 2, Medical insurance 5, a month for a decent one. If you want to, get a re-entry permit for 1, Baht. Hi, My wife and I are a couple years away from retirement, but have begun researching Thailand cost of living. I will be in my early 50s and she in her late 40s. May 29, at 7: I really enjoyed your blog as well.

This information is helpful. I am a retired veteran of US military. My income is 2, USD. I would like to live near nice beaches and plenty of social activities to choose from. Id like a wuiet neighborhood but not too far from the social scene. I am single with no kids and interested in dating.

I would be eating out often. Can I comfortably live on 2, a month in Koh Samui or Phuket? US blames Iran for threats to its missions in Iraq Oct 04, Graphene hype starts to become reality Oct 03, Why Amazon is raising workers' wages Oct 03, Brexit, Boris and the Maybot: Oct 03, Empire State Building a beacon for energy efficiency Oct 03, Brazil election pits far-right against far-left Oct 03, Trump mocks Ford's claims against Kavanaugh Oct 02, Doubts over new Nafta deal Oct 02, EU citizens to lose priority status after Brexit Oct 02,