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An oil broker is an intermediary that arranges the purchasing and selling of a crude oil commodity.

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When deciding between trading platforms, traders and investors should consider both the fees involved and features available. Lower fees are always preferable, but there may be a trade off to consider. As a result, investors should also consider the reputation of the intermediary or broker before committing to a specific trading platform to execute trades and manage their accounts. You'll learn market terminology, techniques for identifying trends, and even build your own trading system in over five hours of on-demand video, exercises, and interactive content.

Finally, trading platforms may have specific requirements to qualify to use them. There are hundreds - if not thousands - of different trading platforms, including these popular options:. The most popular platform for many foreign exchange forex market participants is MetaTrader, which is a trading platform that interfaces with many different brokers.

Its MQL scripting language has become a popular tool for those looking to automate trading in currencies. What is a 'Trading Platform' A trading platform is a software through which investors and traders can open, close, and manage market positions through a financial intermediary. Currency trading software helps currency traders with forex trading Power up to Advanced Charting Our web platform combines power and simplicity with charts by Trading View. Active Trader Rewards Designed for high-volume currency traders, enjoy exceptional customer experiences tailored to your unique needs with Active Trader.

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