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Perusing my article would give you a clear answer. Just look at their scam folder and peace — a review of issues were resolved peace traders favor. Interesting topic, go ahead.

The Middle Ages of Forex Peace Army

Forex Peace Army now lists over forex websites. It is the largest and best collection of human-moderated forex reviews anywhere in the world. Forex Peace Army also has forums, featuring a large amount of educational material.

This approach made his house building business a success too. He then asked who does my forex business serve? We live in a very loving and caring spiritual environment. This environment has many personal and impersonal aspects. That reason is that struggle, poverty and suffering destroy our bodies, but keep our souls healthy.

Simply because it ruins our souls. For the past eight years, Forex Peace Army and Dmitri Chavkerov have been providing advice and guidance to many forex traders from across the globe, helping them achieve a better position in the market.

It also has also helped publicize the many forex scams that became obsessed with accumulating wealth and greed. Unusually, the most important element of this strategy is the concept of giving. Posted in Press Releases Tagged with: As the website grew, he decided to do something bigger with it, plus the domain name was a little too amateurish.

In January of , Dmitri Chavkerov bought a domain forexbastards. The reviews section of the website was upgraded in such a way that readers could submit their own reviews and ratings for all the different forex-related websites listed.

A major reason Dmitri Chavkerov named his website ForexBastards was because of what forex was like at the time. In , forex was more like the Wild Wild West than a place to invest money. Most forex brokers that are big names now and that are regulated were not regulated in Many brokers committed all kinds of fraud against forex traders to take their money away.

Another common fraud was done by a large percentage of forex education and forex signals websites using deceptive advertising. The most common problem was that these sites would promise something attractive on a sales page and back it up with a refund policy. After a client bought the product and saw that what they received was inferior to what was promised to them, they would try ask for a refund.

These brokers and product sellers are the Forex Bastards out to get your money that Dmitri wanted to expose. Many companies still commit frauds like this now, but the percentage of them is much smaller than it was back in In November of , instead of just labeling the companies as SCAMs based on undocumented claims by traders, Dmitri decided to begin making scam investigations more consistent. The mission was also expanded to help try to resolve issues between forex traders and forex companies, with the hope that some companies could be improved.

Some were shut down by regulators.