Hangar: The Matchmaker For Drone Pilots And Businesses

Hangar 1, Lakehurst, is located at Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst (formerly Naval Air Station Lakehurst), New Jersey. The structure was completed in and is typical of airship hangar .

And I did sales and distribution for all those products.


Hangar-1 es el único Centro Automotriz de Alto Rendimiento en México que combina una división especializada de Speedcenter, una división profesional de Servi.

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On the other side, you have all these people that are really passionate about going out and flying their drones around and would love to be able to use their drones to make money.

It's been a matter of seeing the regulations that allow this model to exist. Look at the demand side. But if you look at a massive geographically disperse global firm, finding little local service providers is very disruptive to their workflow. These guys really want to get out there and use their drones for work. But they are a hard time getting into the market and sell themselves to enterprises. So take next hail season. What we envision is this platform exists where an insurance company in an affected hail area, they would have a notification [via an API] of those homes that would be affected, so they need to get a visual inspection of their roofs.

Then drones would get dispatched out from a network of pilots. Let us control your drones, and then you get paid. Through deep integration with hardware companies we can create a very accurate inspection of the roof fully autonomously without the pilot having special training.

They drop it off, we control the drone, we collect the data, bring it into our back end, and create reports. For people unfamiliar with the drone space, how big of a market is there for this service?

Oh, the size of the addressable market is huge. Every wind turbine, cellphone tower. Commercial buildings for insurance. Everything else is based on automation and machine learning. I was collecting drone data for big companies, but I had to do it very manually and it took a lot of skilled training [such as work on movie sets and oil rigs]. Hangar focuses on jobs that can be done fully autonomously. How are you putting that to use? The vast majority of resources is going into software development right now.

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