New commercial Expert Advisor by ARGOLab: StrikeFx EA

A Forex EA is used to automatically generate trading signals on the forex trader's behalf. Some software also allows for automatic trades under given conditions, and may include trailing stops so that currency traders can maximize on trends and not lose out on profit making opportunities.

Our Trading Systems Forex Force 2.

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Hello, dear Forex Free EA´S Traders. We present to your attention the Forex Advisor Excalibur. Expert Advisor Features: Platform: MT4 Expert Version: Currency pairs: AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, UDJPY Timeframe: M15 Working time: round the clock How to Instal it: As usual we are going to set the EA.

Download your copy now, it is free and always will be. Forex Insider is a Meta Trader app what allows you to see trading positions of other currency traders. Try it for yourself. Just like Fx Pulse 4. To join our list, simple enter your Name and best E-Mail on the right side and click on the 'Subscribe' button. Forex Trading Strategy — ProFx 5.

Professional Forex Trading Systems. Our Trading Systems Forex Force 2. This is real money not demo. The profit I have made the last month is approx. Keep up the good work. Thank you from a very happy customer. Peter, New South Wales, Australia. Thanks for the powerflow algo ,it is the best one i have used. It takes some heat, but always so far, has come out on the side of profit, well done.

I have gone live this week with all 3 set files after running them on demo, and they are performing in my live account just like they did on my demo. I took some heat last night but woke up well rewarded.

Free Forex Indicators FxPulse 4. Forex Insider Forex Insider is a Meta Trader app what allows you to see trading positions of other currency traders. StrikeFx constantly re-adjusts the take-profit according to the market conditions.

The unique feature of this EA is the multicurrency trading with risk control. Strike Fx contains a specialized Control Center, which monitors the number of trading pairs, the number of trading currencies and the direction of trades. Based on this information, EA allows or prohibits opening of new baskets. Control Center restricts the number of currencies traded at the same time in the same direction. The default value is 1. Apart from this, Control Center restricts the total number of trading pairs and open drawdown, for which opening of new baskets is allowed.

EA can fixate the losses, if the open drawdown on one pair reaches the maximal allowed value. In such situation, EA places the full lock on the basket and stops. Alternatively, EA can close all open orders and stop. EA has a special algorithm of gentle lot increase, thus minimizing the risks of lot explosion.

The first 3 orders of the basket are opened with the same lot size, and only then the volume of the orders start increasing.