Taxation of Employee Stock Options

Options belong to the larger group of securities known as derivatives. This word is often associated with excessive risk-taking and having the ability to bring down economies.

Smic Smic Prélèvement à la source crédit d'impôt Prélèvement à la source crédit d'impôt Prime d'activité: That is essentially what the term, derivative, means. Are you sure you want to change your settings? Options are no different.


Québec bonifie la déduction pour option d’achat d’actions No Page 2 sur 3. De façon générale, les options d’achat d’actions accordées aux employés de sociétés publiques sont imposées au moment où les actions sont acquises, à l’exercice de l’option.

Alternatively, where stock options are exercised and the optioned shares are sold immediately, or within 30 days of exercise and no other identical shares are acquired or disposed during this period , the ACB of the optioned shares sold will not be averaged and can be isolated to that specific sale of the newly-optioned shares to prevent the recognition of any accrued gain or loss on the existing shares held.

Often, a Canadian resident is employed by a Canadian subsidiary of a U. In addition, if the employee provided employment services outside of Canada, the employee may be subject to taxation in that foreign jurisdiction on the stock option benefit which entails additional tax implications.

When an individual dies holding unexercised stock options, the individual may have a deemed employment benefit arise at death. The deemed income inclusion for the deceased employee will be the difference between the FMV of the option rights immediately after death and the amount paid if any to acquire the stock options. To be eligible for this incentive, the option shares must be publicly-traded securities and the shares or proceeds acquired through exercising the options must be donated to a qualifying charity.

Assuming these qualifications are met, the reduced income inclusion is available if the shares are donated in the year acquired and within 30 days after the option exercise.

If the value of the shares decrease in the maximum day period before making the donation, or if only some of the shares or aggregate proceeds received by exercising the options are donated, the tax deduction will be reduced proportionately. As such, you will need to consult with your tax advisor to determine the specific tax implications of your compensation plan and any planning required in your particular situation.

Although the federal Liberal government undertook a review of stock option taxation prior to its first budget in March , no changes to the existing tax legislation governing stock options outlined herein were ultimately proposed in the federal budget. BMO Wealth Management provides this publication for informational purposes only and it is not and should not be construed as professional advice to any individual. The information contained in this publication is based on material believed to be reliable at the time of publication, but BMO Wealth Management cannot guarantee the information is accurate or complete.

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Leading economic indicators are like road signs, pointing to what lies ahead for the economy Définition Les options sont les plus accessibles des produits dits "dérivés", ainsi appelés parce que leur valeur dépend "dérive" d'un sous-jacent: Ce sont des instruments financiers dont la valeur dépend d'un événement futur.

Effet de levier Une des principales caractéristiques des options est leur effet de levier important. On peut investir une somme minime avec une très forte espérance de gain ou un très fort risque de perte en fonction de l'évolution du sous-jacent. En d'autres termes, on peut, par exemple, gagner ou perdre sur une option alors que le sous-jacent ne varie que de Option d'achat Quand on achète une option d'achat appelée Call en anglais , on obtient le droit d'acheter le sous-jacent le plus souvent une action ou un indice: Si l'action atteint dans soixante jours, l'investisseur pourra donc l'acheter à prix d'exercice et la revendre immédiatement Il encaissera donc 6 de plus-value pour une mise initiale de 3.

Inversement si l'action cote moins de au terme des soixante jours, son option ne vaut plus rien et il aura perdu 3. Les options d'achat sont donc utilisés dans une optique de hausse prévisible des cours du sous-jacent. Vente d'option d'achat Pendant les soixante jours de l'exemple précédant, le titulaire de l'option d'achat pourra aussi vendre cette option dont la valeur aura augmenté si l'action est sur une pente ascendante, et vice versa.

Option de vente On peut aussi acheter des options de vente.