Chandelier Exits

By combining the two exit techniques we can use the Channel Exit as an appropriate stop that very gradually rises at the beginning of the trade.

Using the indicator in Forex trading

The indicator is created using the ATR values over a given time period. Other than the ATR, the highest high and the lowest low price of an asset over a specific time period is used in the calculation. While using the daily time frame for analysis, it is advisable to use an input period of The reason is that the Forex or equity market remains open for 22 trading days in a month.

To ensure a smoothing effect and filter short-term fluctuations or noise, the day price levels is suggested for the calculation. For other timeframes, the trader should determine the suitable input period based on a trial and error approach. There are no hard and fast rules for this. The primary objective of Chandelier Exit, as mentioned earlier, is to provide an alert about an impending trend reversal at the right time. Thus, Chandelier Exit value is calculated in a different manner for a long and short position.

The multiplier value 3 is referred to as the Chandelier Exit multiplier and can be altered by the trader. Most traders use the same time period for the variables X and Y , although nothing forbids a trader from using different values.

When a trader uses the same value, say 9, it means that the highest high for 9 hours H1 timeframe and the Average Trading Range for 9 hours are used in the calculation of the Chandelier Exit. The uniform input results in a more dependable output.

The calculated values intraday, daily, weekly, or monthly are plotted as a line in the price chart. From the above formula, it can be inferred that the Chandelier Exit line will be above the price in case of a downtrend. The exact charting points to enter and exit your trades How to read candlesticks like a pro in minutes How to tell whether the market is going to reverse, or is only experiencing a temporary correction How to tell when the market buyers or sellers are overwhelming the other side The ONE 'trick' candle pattern that fools unsuspecting traders into placing low win-probability trades How two seemingly identical candlesticks can tell you completely different stories about the market The 1 candlestick formation to trade with, and why it's your secret weapon in your quest for wealth The biggest and most common mistake made by retail traders when trading with candlesticks The ONE candlestick type that's absolutely vital to your success if you don't understand this, making money in Forex will be like running uphill.

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See Indicator Panel for directions on how to set up an indicator — and Edit Indicator Settings to change the settings. Using the default settings as an example:. I am uneasy with stops moving lower during an up-trend. This may occur with Chandelier Exits when:. Manage your risk and improve your timing with Colin Twiggs' weekly review of the global markets.

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