Where to get daily nifty implied volatility data?

Here are the instructions.

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All code is written with Excel - Please test all code on a backup copy of your data. Essentially, you create a sheet in google docs, build a table of the data you need using the googlefinance function, publish it to web and then use that URL to 'get data from web' into excel.

As far as I can tell, once you've published the google sheet to web it seems to keep updating the web page even if the sheet is closed. Even if I'm wrong you just need to leave it open. If you set excel's connection properties to refresh in the background automatically every minute it all seems to work like a dream I'm using it for live data but i think it works for historical too.

The only thing I can't get from it is the exchange the shares are on. It doesn't use Yapoo. Yahoo Finance API for Stock Quotes Changed merlin Correct me if I am wrong, but even if you change the Excel connection properties to refresh every minute, you are not getting fresh data every minute.

Google only refreshes every five minutes, so you are getting the same "stale" information from the Google sheet for 4 out of the 5 Excel refreshes until Google refreshes it's web page once every 5 minutes Yahoo Finance API for Stock Quotes Changed Originally Posted by igold merlin Correct me if I am wrong, but even if you change the Excel connection properties to refresh every minute, you are not getting fresh data every minute.

You may well be right, though I haven't really looked that closely. My totals seem to change with the 1 min refreshes but it could be that individual shares are update at different 5min intervals?

Microsoft is making moves in regards to Excel and stock quotes. Share it with others Like this thread? Page 6 of 7 First Results 51 to 60 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version.