Semi Automated Trading With Amibroker And End Of Day Data

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This is mentioned on the Webpage; this is a manual strategy that require manual monitoring and a lot of practice. I am going to show you few binary strategies now; these are available online free of cost. No Comments Post a Reply Cancel reply. You are welcome to use this strategy, but I suggest to first use it in a demo account.

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However, a R implementation is not very practical for live trading. For this we have to implement MVO in a real trade platform. Then we can park our money in an optimized portfolio of stocks and ETFs, let the platform rebalance the capital allocation in regular intervals, lean back, wait, and get rich slowly. In chapter 8, he described the MVO algorithm in a clear and easy to follow way. For simple minded programmers like me, he even included a brief introduction to linear algebra!

I only modified his original algorithm by adding the mentioned weight constraint. This constraint stabilizes the algorithm and keeps the portfolio diversified. In wise anticipation of future computing machines, Markowitz also included an example portfolio for checking if you programmed his algorithm correctly. The markowitz function runs the algorithm and returns the variance value associated with the best Sharpe ratio.

The markowitzReturn function then calculates the capital allocation weights with the maximum mean return for a given variance. The weights for maximum, best, and minimum variance are printed. Instead you normally invest in stocks, ETFs, or similar instruments.

They offer several advantages for algo trading:. The obvious disadvantage is low leverage, like 1: Low leverage is ok for a long-term system, but not for getting rich quick. More restrictions apply to long-term portfolios. So when selecting assets for your long-term portfolio, you have to look not only for returns, but also for correlation. The script first sets up some parameters, then goes into a loop over N assets.

In the initial run, the asset prices are downloaded from Yahoo. They are corrected for splits and dividends. The assetHistory function stores them as historical price data files. The results for the selected ETFs:. The ideal ETF has high mean return, low variance, and low correlation to all other assets of the portfolio. The correlation matrix contains the correlation coefficients of every asset with every other asset.

The rows and columns of the heatmap are the 6 assets. The colors go from blue for low correlation between the row and column asset, to red for high correlation. Since any asset correlates perfectly with itself, we always have a red diagonal. But you can see from the other red squares that some of my 6 popular ETFs were no good choice. Finding the perfect ETF combination, with the heatmap as blue as possible, is left as an exercise to the reader.

After selecting the assets for our portfolio, we now have to calculate the optimal capital allocation, using the MVO algorithm. Only the covariance matrix is now calculated instead of the correlation matrix. Covariances and mean returns are fed to the markowitz function that again returns the variance with the best Sharpe ratio. The subsequent calls to markowitzVariance also return the highest and the lowest variance of the efficient frontier and establish the borders of the plot.

Finally the script plots 50 points of the annual mean return from the lowest to the highest variance:. At the right side we can see that the portfolio reaches a maximum annual return of about On the left side we achieve only 5.

This is the optimal portfolio — at least in hindsight. The script goes through 7 years of historical data, and stores the daily returns in the Returns data series. This time we also apply a 0. The weights remain unchanged until the next rebalancing, this way establishing an out of sample test. The four daily returns are added up to 4 different equity curves:. The red line is the maximum return portfolio with the best profit, but high volatility and sharp drawdowns.

The green line, the maximum Sharpe portfolio, is somewhere inbetween. Different portfolio compositions can produce a different order of lines, but the blue and green lines have almost always a much better Sharpe ratio than the black line. Since the minimum variance portfolio can be traded with higher leverage due to the smaller drawdowns, it often produces the highest profits. For checking the monthly rebalancing of the capital allocation weights, we can display the weights in a heatmap:.

High weights are red and low weights are blue. The weight distribution above is for the maximum Sharpe portfolio of the 6 ETFs. After all those experiments we can now code our long-term system. It shall work in the following way:. This script advises only, but does not trade: However, since positions are only opened or closed once per month and price data is free from Yahoo, you do not really need an API connection for trading a MVO portfolio.

For a script that trades, simply replace the printf statement with a trade command that opens or closes the difference to the current position of the asset. This, too, is left as an exercise to the reader…. It seems natural to use MVO not only for a portfolio of many assets, but also for a portfolio of many trading systems. OptimalF factors do not consider correlations between components, but they do consider the drawdown depths, while MVO is only based on means and covariances.

The ultimate solution for such a portfolio of many trading systems might be a combination of MVO for the capital distribution and OptimalF for weight constraints. Thanks for this great article and the scripts! Someone asked me how to prevent opening more than 4 positions at any time. For this you have to set all weights to zero, except for the 4 highest weights. Johann, are you going to publish an english edition of your book Das Börsenhackerbuch: Finanziell unabhängig durch algorithmische Handelssysteme?

Besides, my English might be sufficient for a blog, but possibly not for a book. May be only a subset of four assets is uncorrelated.

Some of the other assets have very substantial correlations as apparent from running the correlation heatmap script on the Z8 asset list. What has motivated this particular collection of assets?

Yes, the Z8 ETFs have been selected by fundamental considerations only, such as covering market sections with a positive perspective. They were not selected by their correlation. But you can replace them with any other assets if you want. Please keep us up to date like this. I added some etfs to the script but when i run it, it prints a negative number for some.

TLT — 3 contracts at Do you have any idea why this might be or how to fix it? If you have nothing changed with the script, let me know which assets you have added.

When I get negative numbers too, I can most likely tell you their reason. I just removed one and now everything works fine! Hi Johann, does this work for stocks? BTW, how does one make use of the output? Week Beginning Oct 1 The calendar clicks over from September to Look up a code.

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