What Is The Mortgage Reports?

This is an important blog post, because it makes a prediction. A prediction about the future of blogging; a platform actively used by over million people (Nielsen data for October ).

This is something I feel a lot of bloggers get wrong.

Why The Daily Mail Became the World’s Most Visited Newspaper Website

News You Can Use Benefits of linking your EPF account to Aadhaar and how to do it. Linking your Aadhaar to the PF account will help in faster transfer and withdrawal of .

I read this stupid comment off of Google and had to say something, god damn you are an ill-informed jack ass. Poor John… obviously resorting to an agressive reply and using that beautiful language is all his little brain could come up with… next time be a real man and post something helpful. Yeah, its 3rd party, in the sense that its not made by Microsoft.

No, Microsoft has nothing to do with it. It is categorised as 3rd party because it is a proprietary plugin to a web browser, NOT an open standard. I agree with Jeremy about too many websites requiring flash. Of course, it can be useful for embedding animation, or a video, but not all websites require that.

Clean and simple is always the most effective way of displaying information. Firefox is Free and Open Source software, so it can generally be easily ported to other systems. So yes John, it is 3rd party, and language like that is not necessary to get your point across. HTML 5 is for interactive webpages. Flash is for fancy interactive graphics.

Oh yeah, and you can create Flash content without writing a single line of code now, making it very easy to get a website up and running. Meaning its going to keep getting more and more popular. Really, Flash for the most part is the only plugin I need. I would also point out that the lack of flash64 is not a FF-only issue — it affects all browsers!

Why all the yelling? Oh wait — must be on an old mainframe keyboard. Now that Sun has released a beta version of 64 bit Java, we can only hope that Adobe will follow with a 64 bit Flash. There is an alpha version not even beta let alone release…. The prerelease version for linux can be found here: August 19, at 4: LastPass Uses a remote server to store the passwords.

Passwords are encrypted before being sent to the server. Thanks for the suggestions. I have installed Win7 64bit and I have to say that I really like it. However, I am still running Firefox 32bit because of Roboform.

I like the way Roboform is managed locally and I dependent on it, not realistic for me to change now. If Mozilla released an official 64 bit Firefox then for sure Roboform would release an update to make it compatible. So, I guess I just have to live with no 64bit FF for now and hope that someday Mozilla decides to release an official 64 bit version. The installer is probably 32bit while the actual installation is 64bit. Windows has always been pretty iffy.

You can download it here: Hey, I have just bought a windows 7 computer with a 64bit system. So I go on the web and try to watch videos. The site says you dont have flash player installed so i click the shortcut to the adobe flash downloader site.

They say they dont have adobe for a 64 bit system. Ok fine so then how do u run a 32bit browser or is there a new flash that does work for Win 7. Please anybody explain in steps how to solve this problem which millions are suffering from but there is no dam answer to. Many websites now a days use flash ads I would think its a plus that x64 has no flash support, besides videos there really is no use for flash this day and age.

There is a need for flash: And if you really want to cut down viruses: Get educated on how to better protect yourself online. Still no bit flash for windows. There is for Linux. They are measured in milliseconds and the differences are very small. So, No, sorry there is no practical advantages to running a 64 bit browser. Only artificial, imagined ones. THEN, and only then is it useful when used with apps like that. Featured titles See more Previous page. Edexcel AS and A level Mathematics Edexcel A level Mathematics Pure A practical guide to The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager.

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