Complex trading system #9 (H4 Bollinger Band Breakouts)

‹ Complex trading system #8 (CCI Divergence Breakout) up Complex trading system #9-a (H4 Bollinger Band Deviation) › Submitted by Joe on February 11, - I use the Bollinger Band which is a great indicator, I tried all combinations of indicators but none of them helped me as Bollinger Band did.

Submitted by Bright on February 12, - Your chart should look like this — notice how I am using a Line Chart and not forex Candlestick chart. I am a scalper plus a swing trader. Hi Edward, I must say I am completely astonished at what i see on your website..

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Aug 28,  · I am Brazilian, and that the sistem is very simple and effective. Utlizaremos just EMA, in times frames H1, H4 and D1. Let the Moving Average indicator 2 Signal to facilitate, as a template configured with alarm to warn when the 05 EMA crosses the EMA.

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