How to Use Parabolic SAR

Sometimes on current candlestick you see parabolic SAR changes couple of times.

Parabolic SAR indicator

I continue to share free forex robots with you all. It's a trend indicators, he shows dots above and below the price. If dots are placing above the price it means there is a signal to sell. If dots are placing dots below the price it means there is a signal to buy.

Actually this indicator is great and he is doing his job. The higher time frame the higher precise of the signal, for example 1D and 4H time frame will show more stable signals, but positions will be much longer. So you can use smaller time frames for faster trading like a 1H or smaller.

Price readings above it would suggest an uptrend, below - downtrend. So, Parabolic SAR is developed to keep stop loss level moving adjusting to new prices and thus locking profits on its way. The formula of Parabolic SAR includes an "acceleration factor", which allows to react to market changes fast as the trend starts to accelerate. At the beginning, new Parabolic SAR dots are placed close together and then accelerate as the trend advances. Parabolic SAR has two variables: Settings recommended by W.

The step sets sensitivity of Parabolic SAR indicator. Maximum step sets a cushion between price and Parabolic SAR. The higher the max step the closer the trailing stop will be to the price. Thus, if you have missed out on an entry, it might be better to avoid late entries at all and rather wait for an opportunity to re-enter the trade with a help of, for example, Stochastic indicator. Parabolic SAR is only a mathematical interpretation of the price.

Even though it helps to identify initial place for a Stop, it may not be the final or best one sometimes. Thank's for all After 15 sites the best formula and example of SAR. I just optimized the EA with the strategy tester and picked a sequence that looked good. And the video is old. It was made in The EA does not have more than one open trade at the same time. If are not sure about your settings, please post them in the forum and we will help you find the error. Volevo sapere in media quanto é il rendimento settimanale in condizioni di mercato discreto di questo ea?

Do you have anything like that? No, I do not have backtests. But you can download the free version and make a backtests with the basic strategy. Hi, how many transactions can be managed throughout how many different instruments at the same time pls?

Can this ea be applied to many markets in the same account simultaneously, deploying multiple transactions throughout several different markets at once?

You can attach only one EA per chart. You only need to set a different MagicNumer each time you use the same symbol. Try the free basic version to test it in a demo account.

Hay , on the free version is automatically closing positions when it opened the second with a different direction? No, this is only available in the Pro version.

How is it managed? The normal Trailing Stop is based on pips and sets the SL always at the same distance from the price. I just tried it out,…. This way it will be like a trailing stop that a real trader would use. This way it is too simplistic. A Pad amount should be implemented. That means that the price has to be a certain distance away from the current price before the SL can move.

This way the trade will always have enough space. Your EA seems to have step and limit, but no initial acceleration. This variable can make a big difference on the IG charts…. I just wanted to take a few minutes to come back here and say thank you. I will not say too much about the EA because anyone that can read can see what an amazing EA it is but I will say it delivers on its promises.

You can see in a previous post that I stated I am very new to the trading game and as a result I was struggling hard to get this EA working with my strategy. I was ready to give up and call it money wasted but instead I decided to contact support on the site here. The ideas and the level of customer care I received from Yannick were FAR beyond any reasonable expectation. It really knocked my socks off. I would recommend this EA to anyone because it not only delivers on its promises; Yannick is serious and very dedicated to standing behind his product and having happy customers.

That always makes all the difference in these situations. I will continue programming great stuff, updating my existing programs and try to continue providing good support for my products. I am relatively new to trading and am trying to get an EA to perform what would seem to be a simple function.

When Parabolic SAR indicates a buy, place a buy. When Parabolic SAR indicates a sell, the buy is closed and a sell is placed. When Parabolic SAR indicates a buy again, the sell is closed and a buy is placed. I should not have two trades open at the same time.

I have been doing some research and this seems to work best on the hourly chart. Is there a detailed PDF I could get to explain each of these to help me decide what their value should be?

Step and maximum are the default PSAR indicator parameters. Read this if you want to know how to install an Expert Advisor after you downloaded the EA. Is it possible the closure of all open positions before the end of the market?

Sorry about my English. I would not want to keep open positions from one day to another. Could you suggest which parameters should I optimize for stock investments? Unfortunately that is not possible with this EA. In the PRO version I will programme it soon , you can just decide when you want to open a position. I just have programmed a new tool called Auto Close Timer.