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Tried and failed. June 19,

I am currently working at a custodian bank, but I have a passion and interest in pursuing a career in asset management, investment banking, private equity, equity research. A Guide to MBA Rankings As you narrow down your round 2 school lists, you might be wondering how much emphasis you should place on business school rankings. Does studying for the GMAT make you smarter?

Business school forum. GMAT forum and discussions on the CFA, CPA and other relevant finance exams.

My choice has pretty much come down to Binghamton or Stony Brook. I come from a middle class family and we really do not have the means to send me to an expensive target school, so SUNY schools are really one of my only What to do with a GMAT?

Hi guys, I'd appreciate some help in evaluating my profile. I would like to land a job in IBD, but it's pretty difficult if you come from french universities, this is why I am applying to top universities in Europe. While these tests are not the be all and end all and are jus I feel LBS would give me something more in terms of location, network and brand, but at the I'm locked into a 3-year vesting period as a Director at a Fortune 20 company. After treading water for the first half of this year, I've rounded into form and believe I will shake out as top-bucket come year's end.

If subsequent years to follow should continue to build on the momentum generated, I' Best extracurriculars to take at community college for transfers? I'm at a CC rn and I got good grades rn and I'm gonna be applying as a transfer to schools pretty soon. All I do outside of school though is play a sport 2 if you include chess lmao.

What else should I do? The clubs at my school I think are pretty weak, nobody really goes to t MSF Class of I created the last post about this time so I thought it would be a good time to get a new thread going. Which has a better shot at top MBA's: Attending a great business school has always been a My undergrad GPA was 3. Has anyone taken it and applied to MBA programs? Would a strong GMAT quant score counterbalance it out just as much?

I recently graduated my state flagship with a BS Computer Science 3. Before going to school, I spent 6 years in the military and two years before that working odd jobs. I currently work for a local bank doing software development and I love it.

As much as I enjoy my job, I'm Hi everyone, Here is my profile: Top 3 Canadian Business School. I would love some input on my potential competitiveness applying to MSF programs as I feel my background is not typical for MSF programs. University of Florida Major: Food and Resource Economics Minor: What do you guys think would be my best Main obstacle in that regard is probably that I have had limited business and no consulting internships as of yet, but I have done several corporate-related legal I am considering Masters in Management at the following institutions: Like what steps do I need to take.

I apologize for how broad My goal would be to go to a M7 school, but possibly a second-tier school if need-be. I've spoken with a few colleagues, who mentioned hiring an Admissions Consultant in the past.

As a non-MBA graduate business student myself, I wanted to start a discussion on how companies view these degrees and programs and how they relate to a MBA. Master of finance, real estate, management, accountancy, commerce, etc. I'm seriously considering it for a couple of reasons: It's very close to home. I can see and help out my parents twice a week. I want to be there in Hope you guys are doing great! This is me posting my first query so excuse my lack of WSO jargons.

Considering doing a Masters Hi Monkeys, Im considering doing a masters partly to enjoy the subject and learn more but also a focus on career opportunities. Considering I want to work in IB What would be more advantageous doing a masters in finance or doing a more academic degree such as economics my under grad degree etc Where to put MBA Savings?

I'll be pursuing my MBA in 5 years and have started saving for it to minimize the amount of loans I'll have to take out. Should I put my MBA savings as they accumulate in my high yield savings account or in an index fund? U of Chicago Fin Math Would you recommend this program? I think a financial math master degree will get my foot in the door. But I feel hesitated since there were many negative comments about this program online most from Should I change my major from finance to math if I love both subjects?

Why or why not? I love both math and finance, not sure what to do. I always thought finance was the no brainer, and even if I change my major to math I'd still want to work in finance, I took some math classes statistics and business calc which is calc 1 pretty much and loved them.

Questions about future jobs for math students in NYU I apologize that my question is not exactly related to business schools. I appreciate if any one can tell me future employment for Mathematics students in NYU, especially the level of opportunities in Wall Street.

What kind of jobs do they usually do in the future? I have a high GPA from a top 10 public university. Would my pedigree give me a chance at HBS? I hope this isn't coming off as somewhat ignorant, but I've never really heard about Stern majors outside of finance and I was wondering: I only have on Why is Ivey better than Rotman? Need Advice So I know this topic has been beaten to death on this forum, and the majority of the people seem to say that Ivey is better than Rotman when it comes to IB.

But when I look at ranking for their undergraduate programs, Rotman is ranked higher. In addition to that, Rotman is literally in Toronto. I finished with a 3. Will admissions like the fact I went to Kelley? MBA profile evaluation for consultant, aspiring to become a banker Schools: Study Abroad I'm curious if anyone here has any experience with doing a study abroad type program with their MBA?

Lots of MBA programs have links to all their partner schools and programs but I was curious if anyone actually does them and gets a substantial experience from them? In theory a lot of the top school I am a fall semester junior at VCU doing finance. Would it be worth it to transfer there for my junior year sp Can somebody evaluate which school is the better choice for someone looking to break into consulting?

Any personal experience is helpful. Do diplomas and certificates from Online Ivy Leauge courses hold any good? Hi, I was wondering if courses provided by the likes of eDX and Coursera with Ivy League certificates any good and can be used for Job search? I have seen schools like MIT, Harvard and othe top colleges offer such online programmes I want to know their relevance in a job search context Is there anyone willing to review a veterans admission essay to Wharton?

Hello everyone, I am applying to Wharton and I would appreciate it if someone that has some experience with the topic would lend me advice on the essay. The deadline is coming up and I am a darkhorse to begin with but I want to put forth the most competitive application possible.

My plan is to either try to get a masters from Penn State within those two years or go for a financial certificate from NYU. The reason why I want to do this is because my UG is not in finance or accou For a bit of background: I have an undergrad degree and a good job in low cost of living city. My current employer wants me to get a CPA, which requires more credit hours than my undergrad got me. I have the option of going to a cheap school and taking the required accounting classes, plus some ran However, my profile is a little shy in some of the maths and statistics areas in particular.

Also, I would like to do a course in Python, to brush up on the programming skills I use VBA at work, so have some kno Undergrad in China top 10 school , major in bio-chemistry GPA 3. Last minute choice of program: I decided a few months ago to start a MSc in Management at Bocconi.

I obviously know Bocconi is an amazing school, but I have to pay full tuition fees to complete the MSc Management program and I have to borrow money for that almost in its entirety. Applying to finance clubs, what do I need to know? I am not in the business school at my university but I am going through the process of transferring into it. Would like to live either northeast or out west upon graduation.

Also open to other schools in the top range if you have recommendations. I have a 3. Currently working in finance. I recently graduated as an honors political science major from a target university with a decent 3.

Serving as an officer would be a great way for me to perform a public service, gain Looking for a Masters in Finance program in Europe.. I am currently working at a custodian bank, but I have a passion and interest in pursuing a career in asset management, investment banking, private equity, equity research.

The jobs every young person wants Oil vs Nat Gas Trading I was recently offered a summer internship at an oil major at a certain location, my home town, in their natural gas trading program and accepted it.

I am extremely excited about the opportunity! But, I have always been interested in crude oil. Maybe I am a little biased; as I took a certificate pro Index swap market making Has anyone got any colour on equity index swap market making?

What sort of people work on this desk? Then I was sent a pattern recognition test. After passing both of these, I was sent an online, one-sided, webcam interview which consists of both behaviorals, such as why trading, why firm, and also simple math questions - probability, brain teasers, mental math, etc. Scotiabank - Review - Derivatives Fast paced. I am never bored at work and am given more rewarding projects.

Culture is good in terms of friendly co workers. I went through 3 weeks of training at Scotia Bank and found that unlike what everybody thinks this organization lacks transparency and guidelines as to how trainees are suppo After how long at a job can you start looking for another one?

I'm 4 months into a credit analyst role and hate my group. I'm really looking to break into markets but was wondering how my resume is going to look with 4 months at a BB People are what make the firm, never found such a supportive environment across all my years. A key issue for me was the fact that itsnot in canary wharf. Building your network is hard when everyone else is miles away Management doesn't care bout employee wellbeing low pay compared to competitors systems were not good Questions mostly about your fit, interests how you handle competition etc.

The key that they said they were looking for was how you recovered from the stressful arithmetic exam to calmly and amiably answer the behav My path was non-standard, but i've seen others with a similar path to my own.

This is a must see for any trader and shows the legendary trader in action before he became a billionaire. Although the video was shown on public television in Novem Biggest Trading Mistake - stories my worst mistake Citigroup - Review - Sales and Trading Great upper management, gives a lot of opportunity and work but that means there is higher upside to bonus pay..

Can be very intense - work hours are less than investment banking but more than a typical banking career Am I screwing myself for the future by taking a natural gas scheduling gig? Will I have limited exit opps if I ever decide to change?

Optiver - Interview - Prop Trading I found the hardest questions to be finding the next number in a series given what seemed like a random sequence of numbers. How many times in a day do the hour hand and the minute hand form a 90 degree angle. Lastly there was a puzzle where I was asked to look at a set of sh All the applications are built in house, so you will definitely learn a lot on that..

The company does not train their juniors seriously. And there's few chance to deal with the key business My Experience at Trillium Trading - 1st Year NYC In an effort to describe my experience working at Trillium Trading - 1 year in -- I hope to explain starting out, the first few months, and how everything has progressed to date.

I truly believe working at Trillium provides a very unique experience. After a short 1-week training course to learn ou They give you a file of data that you have to analyze ot's very big so being able to summarize the information fast is essential I wouldn't recommend preparing for it though because it changes each time and the information they provide is not n Some of the more senior workers were a bit challenging to approach but still willing to help if they had time. The summer analyst program is still new and it is fairly apparent.

There were no mid-point reviews or any real methods of rece Hey, I recently started as a paper trader at the trading arm of a National Oil and Gas company in London. My question would be if this is I have one due this coming Sunday. Is there a stigma around retail traders This is because the mentoring program is overpriced and undervalue. Jane Street Infrastructure Rotational Program https: Link Above Looks new Does anyone have any idea what this position is and what the interview questions will be like?

Credit Suisse - Review - Global Markets You work with genuinely good people who really take an interest to the interns. Additionally, if you are working late they will pay for dinner!. Hours can be long to be expected , but generally not excessive.

Being located in NYC comes with a lot of expenses and the housing stipend could be better How to quickly get up to date with market trends, current events? I have an interview coming up and I know almost nothing about the state of the market and things like that. I've also never done any of my own investing or research Also expect plenty of market simulations and games that test your quantitative skills and probability.

Also very important to have a quick math skills, as that will help a lot during later stages of the interview. Would like to ask someone who had a similar situation or would have an idea how to handle this: Since I'm at a non-target school in Europe, it's much less flexible t Exam Results June, Hi everyone, I joined this site to make this post, as this is what I was looking for and would have liked to see before the Series 7 exam.

Hopefully it helps someone who is getting ready to take the exam. I used STC study materials to study, and did so for a little less than 2 mont Akuna Capital Math Test? And Interview Process I've applied for a junior trader position with this firm, and so they've sent me an email with directions to take an online mental math test. Does anybody know what the Akuna test is like, specifically?

Can't seem to find too much information about it online. All I know is that there is a 22 minu Not a top tier IB Signing bonus not high enough for associate level A lot of useless time spent in useless activities during the summer internship Two digit by two digit multiplication and division Simple addition and subtraction including fractions mental math Mutliplication that included decimals which was very hard.

Pretty much know how to do Commision Question This is purely out of curiosity for an Intern who hasnt yet to be on a desk. What is the industry standard for commision that firms charge their instituitional clients for trades? I have heard 5 basis points. Not sure if that is correct or not? Also does it vary for equities vs fixed, vs derivatives If you get large doses, the omega- may have side effects such as itching, loose stools, nausea and heartburn.

The zinc mineral that can Snore B Gone Verdit The Snore B Gone is backed by conclusive, peer-reviewed clinical trials as well as has actually been shown to successfully and efficiently minimize both snoring and obstructive Sleep apnea. Internship structured in a way that you got as much as you put in. Flexibility allowed for you to pursue and explore the topics you're most interested in, even if you're assigned to desks you're not so excited about.

Good team culture, people seem to really enjoy the work Rothschild - Review - Investment Banking Good hours, fun atmosphere, ability to take a big risk and make decisions.

Not a lot of pushback from managment. High Stress, sometimes the support staff is useless, back office does not understand some of our positions. Which bank asks the hardest technical questions? I am practicing brainteasers for my upcoming superdays, and I was wondering which firms are notorious for asking difficult, tricky questions.

Flow Traders' Math test Hey!! So I've my Flow Traders' Math test coming up in a few days and wanted to know a substitute for tradertest since its no longer active. I have tried arithmetic zetamac and getting decent enough speeds at it but it doesnt involve decimals and i fear that may be my undoing.