MultiTimeFrame SMA + BB system

Best Moving Average Strategies for Day Trading in Forex. Best Moving Average Strategies for Day Trading in Forex. Damyan Diamandiev April 28, ; It should come as no surprise that they are the base for any moving average trading strategy. Simple Moving Average. I described the simple moving average (SMA) earlier.

If you think you will come up with some weird 46 SMA to beat the market - let me stop you now. Now take another look at the chart.


Jun 17,  · Addition: if there is a fractal formation before a break of the SMA but one of the candle of the fractal formation is break the SMA, you have a valid formation for an entry. SMA50 seems to be fine one 15M but looks too slow on longer TF.

What am I missing here. Hi thanks for the strategy, I m trying from your script to build strategy where you go long when both MACD cross over and a 2 Simple moving avarage crossover happen like a 20 and 50 sma. There are a number of errors I can see at line I made some quick corrections, maybe it should look like this this compiles without errors: Make sure you put 4 spaces at the start of line before "strategy.

I m still getting error line Please share your final code on "Pastebin" or a similar text sharing website. Another popular, albeit slightly more complex analytical tool, is to compare a pair of simple moving averages with each covering different time frames.

If a shorter-term simple moving average is above a longer-term average, an uptrend is expected. On the other hand, a long-term average above a shorter-term average signals a downward movement in the trend. Two popular trading patterns that use simple moving averages include the death cross and a golden cross. A death cross occurs when the day simple moving average crosses below the day moving average.

This is considered a bearish signal, that further losses are in store. The golden cross occurs when a short-term moving average breaks above a long-term moving average.

Reinforced by high trading volumes, this can signal further gains are in store. There are other types of moving averages, including exponential moving average EMA. The golden cross is a candlestick pattern that is a bullish signal A death cross pattern occurs when a security's short-term moving Moving average ribbons are a series of moving averages of different An average strike option is an option type where the payoff depends The purpose of the RSI in this trading strategy is to confirm the strength of the trend: Note that we will not be using bullish divergence, bearish divergence or the overbought and oversold levels.

We are going to keep this trading strategy simple. The chart below will walk through the 5 steps that follow. Another option would be to exit with whatever profit you have when the opposite trading signal is given. Like many robust trading strategies, you can use this strategy for taking long and short trades.

Here is how to setup and manage a buying opportunity when the buy trading signal appears:. Buy using reversal candlestick patterns and price action that form when the price touches the 20 SMA line.

Look for reversal candlesticks like:. To explain oversold and overbought: If the momentum in price movement is increasing to the upside, an over extension will lead the oscillator into the overbought zone, generally the 70 level. At this point as well, counter trend traders will look to short the market.

If price momentum is to the downside, the RSI can reach the 30 level and at this point, theoretically, traders will see a market that is oversold and sellers will look to take profits.