Of all the things we do at Raspberry Pi, driving down the cost of computer hardware remains one of the most important. Even in the developed world, a programmable computer is a luxury item for a lot of people, and every extra dollar that we ask someone to spend decreases the chance that they’ll choose [ ].

This is typically the most junior apprentice position within a venture capital firm. Retrieved June 6, Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Free business-day shipping within the U.

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Rasmus Ankersen is a bestselling author, a motivational speaker on performance development and a trusted advisor to businesses and athletes around the world.

Thanks for compiling this for everyone. Great list, useful post! Is there any way if I prove it to you that we have actually bought your book I can download an electronic version of these worksheets? Dont forget The world is flat by T. But very useful list indeed, i have just put most of it on my wishlist: Senthil Nambi Have you seen https: Check out the blog of Steve Blank — https: Here are the books people mentioned more than once in the answers below: Start ups and Entrepreneurship 1.

Founders at Work by Jessica Livingston 3. Rework by 37signals people 4. How to Get Rich by Felix…. Great Books for Social Entrepreneurs: Six Quick Suggestions 1. Like Liked by 1 person. Six Possible Core Areas to Develop 1. Sales primarily for B2B lean startups 5. I would like to add at least one book to the list.

The topic is human behavior. And for us the only way to succeed is to create commitment, retention and passion on our customers, co-workers and employees. So the understanding of the mechanics of the human motivation, urgency and decision are key knowledges to the entrepreneur.

After my long speech I suggest: You Might Also Like: Thanks for the great list. I should immediately add that it is not an easy book to read and certainly mostly useful to people in the process of launching a start-up. His web site steveblank. Son site web steveblank. I see you have added textbooks also. I see it covers everything holistically which is good as it really connect the dots.

If I had to pick one the textbooks it would be his. Do you know any books which gives a quick primer on how to be a great visionary and innovator? In his book, Steve Blank describes how important it is to be in front of customers getting continuous feedback throughout the entire product creation, go-to-market and business model development process.

Wait to feast on many of them. What advice will you give. Was hunting for materialS when I discover your work. Pls do get in touch.

Steve just saw your You Tube talk. Thought it was great. Fits in very well with my experience. I focused on how Entrepreneurs could use Business Management to help them through the transition phase you highlighted. What are the best online resources for learning about business and entrepreneurship? Dear Mr Steve Blank. We would like to invite you to give a lecture on new aspects of business models in Brazil. In the last three to four years, the tools that guide the business models were modernized and technicians in Brazil did not absorb the new techniques to the point of being able to make it available to startup.

We have a good environment for discussion in our incubator that surely we can gather business and technical around a lecture. Nice to e-meet you. I have a publisher who is interested in your book Four Steps to the Epiphany. Would you let me know if the Korean translation rights are not yet sold? As the literature makes these […]. Crowdfunding for Small Businesses and Startups http: Here is the link:.

It has gotten a lot of very positive feedback from the startup community, especially on how to make new ventures work when you are not in Silicon Valley. Have a great week, and thank you for posting such valuable information on Open Source Entrepreneurship.

Specifically, on the entrepreneurial formula. As we try move forward on this blog, we will try to have […]. You should read this book not only because it was fantastically insightful and interesting in relation to the individuals but also gives the reader an incredibly helpful view of the mindset of the business leaders in the region.

I am huge Colonel Boyd fan myself. Many of his teachings, in the spirit of Sun Tzu, were delivered as in person briefings. I recently restored his lecture at the Air University to help distribute his intellectual contribution to a larger audience.

All of this in one […]. Each of these authors along with others too numerous to mention profoundly changed my view of management and strategy. One of those moments where you know it when you see it. At our company we are also looking to ways to speed up diffusion of innovations disruptive , specially inside government institutions. It picks up on DofI and tips its hat to Crossing the Chasm. You can download the Killer Products whitepaper here. You can find it in Spanish here. Hi Steve, for more than I look, I do not find in Spanish, you can tell me exactly where your ad takes me to amazon and there is in English and French.

I thought you might find the material we are generating useful. The intention is to evetually generate it into a book, So the more you engage with the material there the more likely the book will meet your needs. Now teaching at Stanford and U. The book explains his outlook on entrepreneurship and that it can be practiced, but not as […].

His work at Stanford, Columbia, […]. I think the book: Blank i think it is a great list and i need two lives in order to read all of them: I recently came across this short paper on Entrepreneurial Organisations — http: It looks this from an organisational psychology view.

I thought the focus on risk and people was really good. I think if you make a wishlist in Amazon. We just published our own eBook as well. It may be a valuable FREE resource to those in the startup community looking to incorporate! Check out our link to download a copy: This is a free biz knowledge base we have built up at the Business Mentoring Meet up Group in London. The topics cover everything from Negotiations, Business Model Innovation to organising blogger out reach programs.

The papers are good introductions to the business areas and the videos are from industry. Quora — The 99 Best Business Books […]. It actually helpful for some readers to publish audio books, and here are the benefits I think that worth it: Newer books like Zero to One by Peter Thiel http: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Get the Podcasts for Free. Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join , other followers Entrepreneurship is a Calling See more how to Startup videos here. Talking to Humans is a great simple primer on Customer Discovery.

Christensen Crossing the Chasm: Moore The Tipping Point: Strategy and Resources — Marc J. Dollinger Launching New Ventures: An Entrepreneurial Approach — Kathleen R. Kaplan, Anthony Warren Technology Entrepreneurship: Lechter Nurturing Science-based Ventures: Tucci Venture Capital and Private Equity: Porras The Human Equation: Frameworks for General Managers by James N.

Brown and Katheleen M. The Making of Alfred P. Lowen The Closed World: Leslie Making Silicon Valley: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email Address never made public. These executives add market value to the firm and increase returns to shareholders Kay and Robinson , p. The use of pay-for-performance measures, such as restricted stock, stock options and bonuses, links executive remuneration to corporate profitability.

This faulty connection is said to align the interests of principles and agents Lin, Kuo and Wang , p. Correlation is evident between corporate profitability, share prices and increasing or decreasing levels of compensation Kay and Robinson , p.

For example, executive compensation at recipient institutions of the Troubled Assets Relief Program decreased during the Great Recession, demonstrating linkage between corporate performance and executive pay Winkelvoss, Amoruso and Duchac , pp. The Critique of Current Compensation Schemes. Executive compensation should be structured to attract talented managerial candidates and align the interests of executives and shareholders. Public corporations are complex entities that benefit society in their generation of wealth for shareholders, provision of employment, and production of goods and services for consumption.

A sufficiently high compensation for CEOs and senior executives is therefore, justified. The question, however, is whether current levels are excessive, and whether the structure of executive pay is advantageous for stakeholders, particularly shareholders, and strategic business interests.

There are cogent reasons for concluding this is not the case, as well as concerns of distributive justice. There are ther criticisms, such as the perceived complicity of directors and compensation committees in facilitating excessive increases in executive pay Pelel , p. In such cases, critics call for greater shareholder control, such as binding shareholder votes and special committees, as opposed to the non-binding shareholder vote implemented under President Obama Kothari , p.

Measurements of performance derived from operational indicators exacerbate the pressure for executives to take action to maximize short-term profitability that may be antithetical to long-term survival and growth Korathi pp. More specifically, stock options as a large proportion of executive compensation can result in excessive risk-taking and unethical behavior Purcell , p. Inevitably, this detracts from the wellbeing of other stakeholders. High proportions of pay linked to equity levels, such as options and restricted stock, can encourage manipulation of short-term corporate data to ensure high earnings.

In , Bonds A type of debt investment in which an organization borrows money from investors with the agreement to pay back the money at a certain date with a certain interest rate. Thus, the interest rate on the bond rises. In addition, the longer the bond In a study of unethical financial restatements, the proportion of share options comprising CEO compensation positively affected the likelihood of such an occurrence Harris and Bromiley , pp. Perhaps, the application of behavioral economics alongside conventional utility maximization finance theory may improve compensation schemes Harris and Bromiley , p.

Unethical behavior is not assured or inherent, but current schemes are flawed in their incentive design. The costs of unethical activity and failures of excessive risk-taking are placed heavily on all stakeholders and are damaging to the long-term interests of shareholders. High compensation even in cases of substandard performance or operational failure reinforces such financially damaging behavior. Many executive compensation schemes are structured so that unsuccessful ventures still result in large payouts.

Successful but excessive risk-taking grants managers prodigious rewards, which in turn are the impetus for such conduct Blinder An analysis of U. The provision of large executive pay packages despite poor performance and in some cases unethical behavior inherently damages the linkage of interests between shareholders and management that incentive programs are supposed to provide.

Distributive justice is also critically levelled at current amounts of executive compensation. Distributive justice examines the dispersion of material and immaterial resources, including social, economic and cultural capital in a society, and the rationales for certain inequalities Calhoun ; Blackburn Income inequality is increasing across the developed world, demonstrated through increases in the Gini coefficient, a numerical indicator between 0 and 1 reflecting the distribution of wealth in a society.

The higher the coefficient, the more unequal the distribution Bernanke, Olekalns and Frank , pp. From to , the US Gini coefficient increased from 0. In the OECD the coefficient increased from 0. The increasing disparity between CEO compensation and that of average workers may be counted as a contributing factor Neeley and Boyd , p. Perceptions of injustice regarding excessive compensation practices can have adverse effects on employee performance, commitment, morale and organizational citizenship behavior Neeley and Boyd , pp.

There are multiple ethical issues with executive compensation. These include whether such compensation is excessive compared against provision of service and whether the compensation process is compromised by inadequately transparent negotiation Perel , p.

We analyse these issues using a deontological approach. Deontology concerns the moral duties that apply to us. Accordingly there are acts we are obligated to perform or to refrain from performing to McNaughton and Rawling , comply with such duties. Thus, business activity should be pursued within self-imposed moral boundaries Micewski and Troy The principle-agent relationship, which is central to executive compensation, generates fiduciary duties for executives and directors to shareholders.

A fiduciary duty is embodied in a relationship of trust , where the agent owes allegiance, obedience and fidelity to the principle Strudler , p. A primary fiduciary duty of a CEO or executive must be acting in the best interests of the shareholders, for acting against the best interests of the shareholders would violate the fidelity owed. Directors, as elected representatives of shareholders, must also hold a similar fiduciary duty Demosthenous Therefore, in relation to executive compensation, directors, CEOs and senior executives have a fiduciary duty to negotiate and accept a compensation package that is in the best interests of the shareholders Moriarty , pp.

This includes short and long-term interests. Growth in the share price will increase utility for shareholders, directors and executives in the short-term. However, when this activity, such as excessive risk-taking and unethical, potentially unlawful behavior like financial misrepresentation, comes at the expense of long-term corporate viability, those operational decisions are ultimately go against the strategic interests of shareholders.

If all executives and directors acted against the interests of the shareholders, the institutional structure of modern corporate business would be fundamentally compromised and unsustainable. Shareholders, as rational agents, would not invest in public companies, knowing the agent would act in a manner incompatible with their interests.

A particular fiduciary duty of CEOs is to accept no more than the minimum compensation necessary to ensure productive and effective performance in the best interests of shareholders Moriarty , p. This is logically sound, for if a CEO or executive accepts more than the minimum, they are effectively detracting from the profitability of the business by increasing costs Moriarty , pp.

The minimum level can be any amount. Theoretically, this particular fiduciary duty could extend to directors and members of compensation committees. However the virtual impossibility of anyone other than the executive in question correctly determining the minimum level renders it infeasible. However, as representatives of shareholders, directors do have a moral duty to ensure decisions enhance operational and strategic corporate value.

Given this duty, they must also ensure the structure and amount of compensation guarantees this.