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There has to be a slight retr Kashmiri leader distances himself from social media campaign against newspaper. Forex ni bukan all the time laju pergerakannya, ada waktunya dia slow juga. Tapi dah lama xaktif.

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They will provide you with competitive, live pricing and ensure that your precious metals are delivered to your door discreetly and fully insured. Apa buktinya yg Dinar Dirham Scammers Penipu. Mr Luqmanul Hakim semua bukti2 info yg awak tulis di dlm blog awk ini tdak benar semua sekali.

Awk ini sebenarnya dengki irihati dgn kemajuan dn kepakaran teknologi Dinar Dirham. Kebykn bngsa melayu tak suka melihat bngsa mereka sendiri maju malah merela gemar menjatohkn biznes bangsa2 melayu sendri seperti cntoh pemilik blog ini. Betul tu, ni smua kerana rasa dengki dan iri hati akan kejayaan org lain.. Tulaa trus main tuduh2 scammers laa apa laa. Up to 57 satoshis every 20 minutes. Sblm ni dia memang bnyak Menang Bila mempertahankan sesuatu biz tu scam atau bakal ke Laut.

Tetapi tidak pada DD. Tn mcm kodinar ni bole dpat status Berhad. So setahu saya bila dia kodinar DD berstatus Berhad diaorg bole amik deposit drpd investor tanpa had. Klu betul mereka ni scams. Tn mesti tolong war2kn bongkarkan kejahatan mereka sehingga akhir. Sbb ramai beribu riban dah yg join dgn dinar dirham DNC mejoriti org muslim kita. Blum lagi yg sdg duk rancang nk join. Sbb modal blum cukup. DD sudah merantau melepasi khatulistiwa utk promote produknya. Tunjuk muka Dan bgi breefing.

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Hahahah palat mu ah. Bukan scam ni plui. Cuatah baca dlu bana2 apa yg drg kn perbaiki. Permulaan cerita, sila baca post ini klik sini terlebih dahulu dan baca juga segala comment didalam nya. Baru anda mudah untuk memahami pada pembongkaran ini seterusnya. Mereka ini adalah dari golongan orang orang I. In KP, some people mix the burnt tail with hashish and tobacco to smoke it in a cigarette. The high lasts for almost 10 hours. The first six hours are more painful, as the body adjusts to the high.

Slowly, Sohbat says, the feeling eases into enjoyment. Experts say that scorpion venom is dangerous for the human brain when inhaled. Among the 1, described species of scorpions, 25 are fatal to humans.

The rest do not kill when they sting, but according to Dr Azaz Jamal, their venom is far more harmful than other drugs. The person addicted to scorpion smoking also develops sleeping and appetite disorders, and starts living in a constant state of delusion.

He goes on to explain that there is little research available on scorpion addiction because its users cannot be identified as easily. For one, scorpion smoking is practiced in secret places, and secondly, no data is yet available on an official level. The menace of scorpion smoking is gaining popularity in parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KP. He cannot cite numbers, but his results show that the drug is not a rare indulgence.

Azeem comments on the lack of laws for scorpion smoking in Pakistan. Azeem adds that scorpions are used in medicines for diseases like cancer and AIDS. Unless their use is regulated, scorpion addiction poses a threat to the availability of scorpions for medical purposes. How do you battle AIDS if no one talks about sex? KP's transgenders speak out. Didn't know that there was a thing called 'scorpion smoking'. We, the humans, haven't spared anything under the Sun for our pleasure.

As it says awareness and "lack of laws for scorpion smoking" is the issue but the government is busy with more important matters as revealed in Panama Leaks! Harsh read the article once before posting comments, its far too common in indian districts compared to a specific outlawed province of Pakistan. Where the leader of the ruling party is enjoying the addiction of dharnas and leaks, while its poor inhales scorpions'smoke.

Know that the sting is very painful and sometimes lethal. KPK govt should regulate 'safer' drugs, make efforts to educate on harmful drugs, and use proven rehabilitation methods for current users of heavy drugs. Using any drugs aren't just a matter of laws, but rather a matter of personal choice. If a person is harming their body it's that person's right to do so.

The people or the government down't own someone or their free will. This act of drug abuse is undesirable by most. Yet, it's the adherence to freedom of choice that makes one free and allows societies to grow into prosperity. Private organizations or people can choose to help and educate those about the dangers. Alcohol poisoning is not at all common where alcohol is unrestricted. Restrictive laws force lower quality product to be used at higher prices, leading to more damage.

Havn't you read there they get themselves stung by it and pays for it. Harsh Read the article please before commenting. It is much more common in India than anywhere else.

Pakistan is a society which forces drug addicts into the dark. We are obsessed with appearing religious, so we abandon those who don't fit our criteria of what is paak, so we condemn them to ever worsening addiction. Harsh Read the article again - smoke vs sting In India, where the use is common in a few states, the method is quicker, and more expensive. FreeinsaafDo Yeah blame this on Imran Khan too. Poor leader hasn't ruled KP for no more than 3 years.

Addicts are addicts for a reason! The coal is kept on a traditional stove, and the scorpion is allowed to cook until it burns to death". The amazing thing is he made it to 74 years of age - so is it really that dangerous?

You have to wonder. But there are more terrorists present in southern Punjab than in KP, The Punjab government may have specific objectives for not targeting them.

According to the report, in some Indian states, non-fatal scorpian stings are used for highs. Just to be contrary, may I point out that highly drug addicted people are usually out of the job market and living on the fringes of society and thus, they don't compete much socially and economically for the nation's resources--allowing you more opportunities to live well. Putting them in prisons would cost a whole lot!

Najib Khan ;The article says it is done in a "few states" in India! India is mentioned by comparison and for the different method of scorpian drug delivery. Drug suppliers and addicts are highly experimental --always searching for a new high. It destroys lives--after promising relief from all life's troubles! ISIS is a drug! People need to realise Scorpions are integral part of nature. Without scorpions, harmful insects will go out of control and cause many diseases.

Addiction of any kind brings bad health and low standard life. In KPK any kind of drug is welcomed because of very low rate of employment and bad quality of education. Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value. Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn. Meth, the 'new heroin' in KP Inhaling the fire During his years of addiction, Sohbat remembers madly roaming around his house and village, hunting for scorpions.

Killing scorpions The menace of scorpion smoking is gaining popularity in parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KP.