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Ma stratégie de trading actuelle sur Forex expliquée avec des exemples – partie 1 Par L'Investisseur (très) Particulier le 9 octobre - 5 vues. Il est toujours intéressant de comparer les stratégies de trading des différents intervenants.

Tous les paris sont réglés sur la base du match score final: First of all thank you for your great support after I purchased the super profit scalper and the profit trade scanner. Il est toujours intéressant de comparer les stratégies de trading des différents intervenants. Première substitution — il est nécessaire de prévoir, quelle équipe est la première fait un remplacement. I had already made a conscious decision not to trade until the new year but once I do I will let you know how I get on.

Témoignage: 3 mois sur le Forex

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First of all thank you for your help to make me understand how Infinity Scalper works. Now I can say: So, with almost no effort, I trade successfully a few times per day. Now it is a pleasure to make some nice winning trades. Hello Karl, once again thank you. Thanks for your propmt response whenever I enquire, keep it up. So far I have had 15 trades, 14 wins and only 1 loss, I am currently up pips!!

Thank you so much for this incredible tool and also of course for your help and support. It also helps me to learn market price actions a lot very quickly. In the begining I often got stopped out. Now I place TP first and wait a little bit then place SL after carefully waching market movements It is just to avoid getting stopped out in wild price swing, specially in ealiy major maket opening hours. Results seem to be getting better so far.

I consider switching to your recommended US broker as well. I have tried many expesive EAs and Signals with some sucess and failurs. Nothing is better than your FIbo Machine. Now I can trade with more confidence. Last 10 trade results: And I am getting better and smarter trade after trade with your Fibo Machine. Thank you so much for making this great machine. Karl, you are a genius! First of all thank you for your great support after I purchased the super profit scalper and the profit trade scanner.

IOn my first day of trading i made over 68 pips with it and had 5 winning trades and 0 losses. An amazing result for a well priced piece of software..

I can admit that following the rules is very important and use it when markets are moving.. These products are perfect for daytraders. I look forward to work with one of your products on the higher Timeframes.. Karl sorry about the late reply. I have downloaded all the applications and they are working great! My account is up 7. Thank you for creating these tools, when used with patience they work as advertised. Thank you for your mail. Your products are absolutely great. Now I try to understand how to use them better.

I start use them for 3 day. I use profit trade scanner,pips wizard pro and fibomachinepro machine pro. My trade is only 0. My timeframe is 15min. I got profit us per day. I can got more than that but my target is only us per day now. When I reach my target ,i am rest.

Happy in trade and happy in life. Especially Fibomachinepro I love this product very much. When use it follow your advise I got safe target almost every trade. I decide to get your products with can use in tf5 and tf1 for my better trading system. And I will report my result again soon. If you ever need any help, please feel free to email me: The combination of hidden scalper and fibo machine has a high accuracy especially in new york session. It works well on Indices especially the Nasdaq which I used to trade.

The indicator never repaint and you can check the history which is amazing. Just wait for the break of trendline once the signal alerted. My TP is just a reverse of the hidden scalper on m5. Thanks for the product, I have successfully downloaded it and installed it.

What a wonderful product it is, it helps me execute better trades and already earn what I have paid for it within less than 25 hours. I hope I can master it more and get into bigger deals I knew that we can make money on forex trading we just need to know how and you just showed it to me. But I hope to do a pullback and than I enter with a trade. The target are a TP 30 pips and SL 10 pips. I just wanted to drop some words and thank you.

Hello Karl, I wanted to start off by thanking you for the free gift that you gave to your previous members. I chose the Fibo Machine Pro, and let me tell you, it has been working very well for me. I have been testing it with a live account for about three weeks now, and each week I am getting better results. I have been trading for over four years, and I can tell you honestly that this has to be one of the best indicators that I have ever used.

I have always battled with fear of taking trades, and also the fear of staying in trades, but now that I have this indicator, I no longer have that fear.

Take care Hope you are having a Happy New Year so far! You can order your copy here: Now I can easily see the entry and exit levels much better than just guessing. This indicator takes the guesswork out of investing in Forex. The take profit and stop loss not only appears on the alert box but also on the main screen ……..

You have the great big heart, why because of your fibo nacee mechine is very great full and amigning reselts my own expreiance. Hi, I have red a lot of positive feedback regarding your indicators and I wish to be part of testimony and success. Welcome to our community! Karl,wish u a very Happy and a Prosperous New Year !!! Bought some combination products from you. It was amazing especially Hidden Scalping Code. Is there any possibility that you will combine your products in the future?

Or any chance to develop the Forex EA using these indicators? Dear Karl happy new year, thanks for your Christmas gift. It was an awesome combination of both.

I had gain hundreds of pips with it. Plus, with the assistant of Profit Trade Scanner which is also another awesome indicator from you, had assisted me to avoid countless losing trades and help me to trade those high probability winning trades. It also shown me the trend direction in each pair, I could not manually analysis so many pairs at the same time, this is where Profit Trade Scanner comes in, it already analysis all for you.

Profit Trade Scanner also assisted me with my other trading indicators and strategies as well. It is very easy to use, just follow the instruction. Profit Trade Scanner is a must tool for anyone serious in trading. I highly recommended it! Thank you, Karl and team, for creating all these amazing indicators to help traders around the world.

I appreciate in what you and your team had done. Thank you Karl for awesome indicator. Many thanks for sending my Christmas gift-the Fibo Machine Pro so quickly. Being almost computer illiterate I dread ever having to download anything onto my laptop but your instructions are very clear and having taken my time everything downloaded and much to my amazement after restarting my MT4 platform the indicator was there on my screen looking beautiful.

My resident computer expert i. I had already made a conscious decision not to trade until the new year but once I do I will let you know how I get on. Many thanks for all your help and kindness Karl- best wishes for a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year to you your family and the rest of the team. Thank your for your email and for the additional tips. It took around 35 minutes for an alert and I duly placed the trade using the prices in the alert, being cautious despite only risking cents I opted for the Safe TP however after a while I admit I changed it to Aggressive TP, after around 1 12 hrs there was another alert to say the Safe TP had been reached, so I decided to leave things for a while then change the recommended Stop loss to the Safe TP, at least that way if the market changed I still had a profit to collect.

I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that even the Aggressive TP was reached a little later, I also tried it on different currency pairs and unbelievably everyone of them brought in winning trades. My faith in Indicators has definitely been restored so a big Thank You to Karl Dittmann for creating this first class indicator. If you need any help, you can contact me here: And I want to thank you for giving a gift on this yuletide season.

I would like to receive your powerful Fibonacci Indicator. Though I use it in binary options trading, it seriously gives me more winning trades. A trading system that truly works. More power and God bless. Thank you very much, please send your choice here: Thanks to Karl Dittmann. I just like it every day and obviously it will help me for many years to come.

Thank you very much for letting me have access to your Christmas gift the fibo machine pro is working fine once again thank you very much. Du coup, je joue le mieux possible avec ce qui me reste et qui diminue chaque jour. Oui parfois je gagne mais jamais à hauteur de mes pertes sur le long terme. Je me garderai de critiquer ce système. Oui, je ne devrais pas partager mon expérience pour que pleins de gens se fassent dépouiller.

Quel pauvre type je fais. Une année où je ne rentrais pas assez tôt pour voir mes enfants avant de se coucher. Tout ça pour quoi? Pour tout perdre en 3 mois au Forex. Tous les systèmes sont comme ça. Tu veux gagner au forex? Fais des études financières et rejoins mon équipe. Tu auras ton fixe assuré à la fin du mois plus les commissions si tu joues bien. Ce qui semble avoir été le cas. Incitation bien sur à miser bcp plus gros: Merci , pour les informations.

Et comment déactiver un compte sur iforex. Merci de votre expérience, je suis désolée pour vous qui avez dû passer des jours à vous faire du soucis. Vous ne pouvez pas savoir combien je vous en suis reconnaissante.

Vous êtes très courageux de parler de votre expérience financière. Même si ce ne sont que des mots je vous adresse mon soutien. Désolé, mais quel que soit le domaine, il y a un minimum: Il y a assez de forum et de sites sur le net qui dénoncent les brokers mahonnêtes, il y a des listes noires publiées un peu partout etc etc. Il existe facilement une bonne dizaine de sites français avec des dizaines des centaines? On ne se lance pas dans un domaine sans tenter de maîtriser, sans lire au moins quelques livres sur le sujet, prendre un abonnement à un magazine, etc etc etc.

Bonjour Mes très chers Je suis le Médium Maître Marabout tofa dah réputé dans le monde entier par mes pouvoirs occultes au pays de la sorcellerie et de la magie. Mes pouvoirs dans le domaine de la voyance vous aideront à prédire votre futur et éviter des surprises désagréables qui vous pourrissent la vie! Et pour plus voici encore quelque domaine dans le quelle je peux vous aidez Avez-vous un problème de mariage?

Avez-vous des problèmes avec la justice? Avez-vous des problèmes avec votre patron? Vous avez des problèmes pour accoucher?

Vous avez des problèmes pour être enceinte? Votre patron vient de vous renvoyez du boulot… Votre copain e vient de vous quittez. Vous cherchez un bon boulot.. Veuillez me contacter par mail: Les nouveaux arrivants permettaient de servir des gains fictifs aux anciens.

Au casino, il y a deux gagnants: Vous avez bien lu dix mille heures!!! Vous retrouverez donc dans notre Université du Forex une méthode pas à pas pour savoir exactement où positionner vos stops et vos limites. Pour conclure, la gestion du risque vise à vous aider à pallier aux erreurs psychologiques, aux erreurs que peuvent vous amener à faire vos émotions.

Mais pour cela, il est également indispensable de bien se connaître, de bien connaître les biais psychologiques auxquels sont souvent soumis les trader: Commentaires sur devises, analyses techniques, analyses macro, formations au trading, graphiques en temps réels: PFX vous offre tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour débuter et progresser en trading, avec le soucis constant d'éviter les complications inutiles, et en restant conscient des risques du trading.

Vous souhaitez vous former au trading forex? Découvrez notre formation en vidéo! Le gestion du risque étant un concept quelque peu fourre tout, nous allons vous inculquer ici les notions les plus indispensables, celles dont vous aurez directement besoin au début de votre carrière de trader La gestion de votre capital Première règle: La gestion du risque des positions avec les stops et les limites Nous avons précédemment appris à gérer notre capital, apprenons désormais à gérer nos positions.

Commençons par les définitions: Comment choisir les stops et les limites? Ensuite, tout dépend de votre stratégie, tout dépend des risques que vous voulez prendre… Cependant, il faudra veiller à ce que vos limites soient toujours plus larges que vos stops.